Mobile Studio Summer Artmobile

In its second year, JH Public Art with Hole Food Rescue, Teton Literacy, Slow Food in the Tetons, and Teton County Library aim to provide art activities, books, and food to neighborhood communities throughout Jackson. Lead by Cal Brackin and supported by volunteer community members, activities will engage youth through art activities and family members through pop-up community dinners. Four locations will be activated this year at Blair Apartments, Cottonwood Park, Aspen Meadows, and a Teton County Park and Recreation Park.

Throughout the summer, many youth in the Jackson community participate in extracurricular activities such as Camp Jackson by the Teton Recreation Center or art classes by the Art Association. Yet, many parents are unable or unwilling to bring their children to these activities for various reasons. The Mobile Studio’s Summer Artmobile aims to activate these communities through art activities brought to children in their neighborhoods. An evening dinner aims to build stronger neighborhoods through food, placemaking, and social engagement.

Children and artists will explore the theme of community in their artworks, constructions, activities, and discussions during placemaking dinners. Musicians, chefs, athletes, and community leaders will be invited to participate in activities making them robust and engaging community events.

Activities Provided

Cardboard boxes

The Mobile Studio will bring large cardboard boxes to neighborhoods where children will use their imaginations to design and paint large-scale structures. Materials are lightweight and abundant allowing children to create tunnels, shifting walls, and even dens with little guidance from adults. Their creativity leads to remarkable outcomes and fosters a sense of artistic achievement.

Plywood Murals

Building scrap and plywood are one of Teton County’s most abundant byproduct from summer building. Using plywood scrap shows how we can take products out of the waste stream and beautify our neighborhoods. In these sessions, youth will be provided plywood cutouts that they will paint into fun murals. These will be placed free-standing in park areas to brighten neighborhoods.

Community Placemaking Dinner

An evening of appetizers, music, and lights will be provided to neighborhood members. This activity will welcome people to build stronger neighborhoods through food, placemaking, and social engagement. Youth will be able to present their final murals and visiting guests and performers will be invited to participate and get to know these communities.



Jackson Hole Public Art is a non-profit supported in part with grants from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, the Sage Foundation, the Wyoming Arts Council, the Charles Engelhard Foundation and people like you! Thank you.