COVID-19 Public Health Posters

Local Artists selected for Public Health Announcements 

St. Johns Health Foundation, Teton County Health Department and JH Public Art announce the selection of COVID-19 public health announcements, created by a diverse group of local artists. The Jackson Hole community responded to the call to artists with inspiring and educational messages in both English and Spanish that will be displayed online and across the valley. 

Artists selected include Sloane Gordon, Matt Grimes, Alexa Macdonald, Jenna Mahaffie, Will Munford, Emily Sadow, Matt TeNgaio, Natalie Tse, and Amy Yatsuk. They were tasked with designing highly visual, memorable, and impactful Public Service Announcements around one of three messages: Social Distancing, why it’s important; Maintain personal and mental health during the outbreak; Symptoms and what to do. They will each receive a $250 stipend for their work, though many have offered to donate their fee to St. John’s Health Foundation, who is funding this project. 

Graphic Designer Alexa MacDonald submitted three graphics that were all selected and is “thrilled to be able to contribute to our community with the power of communicating through visualization. During these abstract and uncertain times, art helps us relate to one another while conveying important messages as to what is happening around us. In this case – how we can balance ourselves individually, realizing our impact on each other, and respecting that we are all in this together.” 

Around the world, the artist community is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, with the United Nations and World Health Organization sponsoring a Global Call to Creatives. The message is clear: together we help save lives, protect resources and care for each other.

– jpeg files are linked in Gallery below and are available to share (please credit JH Public Art and the Artist)

– PDFs can be downloaded by clicking on Artist Name:
Sloane Gordon English // Spanish
Matt Grimes English // Spanish
Alexa Macdonald // Version 1  English + Spanish // Version 2 English + Spanish // Version 3 English + Spanish
Jenna Mahaffie English + Spanish
Will Munford English // Spanish
Emily Sadow English // Spanish
Matt TeNgaio English // Spanish
Natalie Tse English // Spanish
Amy Yatsuk English // Spanish


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