Artist:Brian W. Brush, Yong Ju Lee
Medium:Fiber optic cables, LED lights, Illuminators
Location:Teton County Library
Funding By:Filament Mind is Teton County's public art piece, funded entirely through contributions to the Teton County Library Foundation from the Teton County Library Friends and other donors.

Filament Mind

Libraries ignite a flurry of thoughts; as soon as visitors step inside, they begin asking questions and searching for answers. An artist team set out to manifest this intellectual activity at Teton County Library through a dynamic, interactive, digital and spatial sculpture.

“The artwork will be intellectually challenging (like a good book),” Brian Brush and Yong Ju Lee wrote in their final proposal. “The artwork will communicate that you have arrived at a place where you can access the world. It will inspire you to achieve your endless personal potential. It will communicate openness, understanding and compassion for others and to new ways of thinking through the act of acquiring knowledge.”

Installed in January 2013, the sculpture is visually arresting: nearly 1,000 thread-like filaments cascade from a mainframe column. Transcending its technological sophistication, the sculpture exudes a life-like aesthetic, at times resembling a bird in flight, a waterfall, a mountain, a crater, even the willows that whistle around the valley. Each filament flows from the column to the wall and an anchor point tagged by a Dewey Decimal System section title.

When a visitor begins a search on WyldCat – the online inventory of the library organized by the Dewey Decimal System – a LED light glows on the filament corresponding with that Dewey Decimal section title – say “International Relations” – and related topics glow as well – like “Political Science.”

Filament Mind is designed to be the visual brain of the library and by extension, the community.


Jackson Hole Public Art is a non-profit supported in part with grants from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, the Sage Foundation, the Wyoming Arts Council, the Charles Engelhard Foundation and people like you! Thank you.