GlowNights 2020/21

[image above: Undercurrent by CLB Architects, photographed by Aaron Kraft for GlowNights 2020/21]

Produced by Jackson Hole Public Art and in partnership with Teton Village Association and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, GlowNights 2020/21 returns in December with a month-long exhibit of original, light-based installations inspired by ENERGY: how we use it, where it’s from, and where it will go. Energy Conservation Works (ECW), Jackson’s local energy conservation organization, is partnering with JH Public Art to provide messages for the public via augmented reality at each installation. GlowNights artworks will activate pedestrian spaces and inspire wonder in both Teton Village and Town of Jackson from December 18, 2020 through January, 2021. 

Teton Village GlowNights is now in its third year of illuminating solstice-season nights and is sponsored by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Teton Village Association. Two large scale, intricately-cut Luminaries, designed and built by Rexburg, Idaho’s Premier Powder Coating, will be displayed in the Village Commons. The Grand Antler, JH Public Art’s enormous inflated elk antler by local artist Bland Hoke suspended adjacent to the Mangy Moose, and Heart Mountain, an illuminated crystal provided by JHMR, will also be on view in Teton Village. As Melissa Turley, Executive Director of the TVA, says “out here in Teton Village, we look forward to GlowNights every year. Seeing the creativity of artists as they bring light into our darkest nights, is inspiring, perhaps this year even more than before.” 

Taking inspiration from the iconic elk antler arches that greet visitors at Jackson Hole’s Town Square, The Grand Antler magnifies the finer details of this local icon. In its calcified state, the antler’s tips are sharp, the color bone white and frozen in time. This sculpture now roams the valley and beyond, spreading intrigue and inquiry. 

The 3,000-pound white quartz crystal came from Galileia Brazil over 15 years ago. It was named Heart Mountain on arrival because it looked like one rough stone emerging from the heart of the larger crystal. Heart Mountain will one day be transported by helicopter high atop Rendezvous Mountain. Energetically, white quartz, also called wisdom quartz, is thought to transform consciousness.

These majestic, intricately-cut luminaries were designed and built by Rexburg, Idaho’s Premier Powder Coating. Luminaries have been used during the solstice season in many cultures throughout the world, bringing light to the darkest days. Energy eminates from within, casting pattern and shadow onto snow-covered surroundings.

Jackson GlowNights will host three installations (pictured below left to right): Undercurrent by CLB Architects for Greenspace on the Block; a new work titled The Sun by Bland Hoke at the Teton County Library; and Tall Grasses by artist Geoffrey Hicks at the Center for the Arts Lawn.

Tall Grasses relates to energy both literally and figuratively. Just as natural grass sways with the wind and changes color based on the season, this dynamic sculpture reacts to every breeze and temperature change by altering the activity and color of its energy-efficient LED light patterns. The visual, electrical energy is reflective of the energy within all plant life. 

Humanity wouldn’t exist without the sun. This installation is inspired by a thought experiment and potentially our most ambitious energy achievement as a species. A Dyson Sphere is a theoretical mega-structure in space, encompassing the sun to collect its energy, propelling humanity far beyond the limits of imagination. As the ultimate source of energy, the sun may very well enable humans to leave our galaxy. 

with support by KL&A, HELIUS, and New West Building Co.
Undercurrent uses individual elements to create a singular form with inhabitable spaces that allow viewers to walk beneath a canopy of light. The form is a response to the power lines buried beneath it – the pathway through the center follows the path of the utilities and provides access to a central void. Viewers are encouraged to walk around and within to experience the illusion of a suspended, swaying, illuminated field.

Each installation will be paired with an augmented reality animation, developed by local artist Ouree Lee and hosted via the Hoverlay App, that highlights a key energy conservation message created by Energy Conservation Works.

“We’re very excited to partner with JH Public Art on this year’s GlowNights, to raise awareness about the importance of energy efficiency and Green Power. JHMR recently committed to power their operations with 100% Green Power, in doing so, becoming a leader in their industry. It’s our hope that pairing the powerful and creative visuals of this project with the programs and success of ECW and its partners, will encourage the community and visitors to action.” – Phil Cameron, ECW Executive Director 


Major funding for GlowNights is provided by the Teton Village Association and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, with additional support from the Center for the Arts, Energy Conservation Works, First Western Trust, Friends of JH Public Art, Guild Mortgage, Jackson Hole Land Trust, Teton County Library, Toran Accounting, and the Wyoming Arts Council. Hughes Productions will provide lighting components and support for the installations. 




Jackson Hole Public Art is a non-profit supported in part with grants from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, the Sage Foundation, the Wyoming Arts Council, the Charles Engelhard Foundation and people like you! Thank you.