Jackson Hole Book Trader Mural Wall

JH Book Trader has realized a mural space that reflects their inspiration to “tell our stories, show us the world, and take our visitors (and ourselves) deeper into the many layers of Jackson and the West” by showcasing the community’s artistic talents on a rotating mural display.  JH Book Trader will selected 3-4 images that will be displayed over the next year for anywhere from 3-6 months each.

Businesses interested in similar rotating mural installations should contact Carrie@jhpublicart.org 

Jocelyn Slack, “Shelter”  
Artist Statement: Sheltering in place, staying home, staying safe. Alone together with the whole planet. I feel blessed to have a roof over my head, enough to eat. What about the homeless, the many already on the margins. The illusion of our lives can change at any time. The threads of hope that keep me together. My house sits in a town. My home resides inside my heart.

Jenny Dowd, “Storytime”

Artist Statement: Everything has a story. While much can be found in the magical hush that falls over a room when a story is spoken, the space also becomes charged. In this way it is easy for me to imagine that our objects share stories with each other; fabulous stories from their world, memories of interaction, moves, things overheard, and big wild dreams.


Wendell Field, “The Kitchen of Nicola Fuller of Central Africa, Under the Tree of Forgetfulness”

Congratulations to artist Wendell Field for being selected to display his image on the JH Book Trader rotating temporary mural wall.  This painting entitled, The Kitchen of Nicola Fuller of Central Africa, Under the Tree of Forgetfulness, is a study that was done on location in Central Africa and was inspired by a scene out of Alexandra Fuller’s book, Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight. The actual painting can be seen on view in Local Restaurant on the Town Square.


Jackson Hole Public Art is a non-profit supported in part with grants from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, the Sage Foundation, the Wyoming Arts Council, the Charles Engelhard Foundation and people like you! Thank you.