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Moonshot 5X5

Jackson Hole Public Art will host its annual “big idea” Moonshot 5X5 event on Thursday, January 30 from 5:30 to 7pm at the Center for the Arts lobby. MC Jeff Moran will lead the evening, during which seven local creatives will present their boldest, most ambitious ideas with 5 slides in 5 minutes. These ideas are unconventional and will excite conversation, invoking attention and awareness to art and the environment.

This year’s presenters are: Ariel Greene (Everyone, Everywhere); Cat Campbell and Lea Fine (Prayers for Preservation); Evie Brooks (Blue Wood); Kristin Combs (Bears Deserve Better); Leo Naegel and Brent Sikora (A Room in the Woods); Mariela Santelices (Teen Mental Health in Jackson); Tenley Thompson (Jackson Hole Knit Bombing Festival). They were tasked with submitting bold public art concepts that address current environmental challenges like water quality, endangered species, or climate change. These are not shovel-ready projects, but rather bright ideas that push the boundary of what is possible.

New this year is the $500 “Buzz Aldrin Award” decided by event attendees for the idea that best fits the “ethos” of Jackson Hole and is the winning crowd pleaser. The event serves as a launchpad to rocket ideas out into the universe, where we hope they will land in reality. Sponsors include US Bank, Wyoming Arts Council and friends of JH Public Art. Previous years’ Moonshots that have become JHPA projects include GLOW Nights and the upcoming Cloud Factory, by Jackson-based artist Jenny Dowd, which will debut on Friday March 13, 2020.

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