Slow Zones

Slow Zones Create Safety For All

Friends of Pathways, Jackson Hole Community Pathways, and JH Public Art are partnering to install ‘Slow Zones’ in key locations along the Community Pathways system. Pathway usage is increasing, and so too is the number of ways people travel along these corridors. At any given time, you may see people riding e-bikes, wheelchairs, mountain bikes, or road bikes, as well as dog-walkers, runners, kids learning to bike or skateboard, babies in strollers, or teens walking with float tubes, all along one short section of pathway. This combination of many people pursuing a range of activities with different expectations and behaviors can create areas of congestion and potential conflict.

To help transform “conflict zones” into more “friendly zones” Friends of Pathways, Jackson Hole Community Pathways, and JH Public Art have hired local artist Walt Gerald to design a system of stencils and signs that utilize artistic and humorous images to designate Slow Zones on the pathways. Friends of Pathways will also increase paid and volunteer Pathways Ambassador presence throughout the network to further educate users and encourage an atmosphere of cooperation and kindness.

JH Public Art has successfully collaborated with Friends of Pathways and Jackson Hole Community Pathways in the past to use humor and art to install messaging for the Town Bike Network that reminds residents and visitors to “Be Nice” to fellow pathway users; to “Slow Down” when they pass someone and use their bike bell or voice alert other pathway users when passing from behind; and to “Say Hello” and practice smiling when they meet others on the pathway. This playful approach to communicate safety concerns was well received by the public, so the project partners agreed to employ the same techniques to mark Slow Zones on the pathways system.

Friends of Pathways will coordinate volunteer participation and on-site logistics for the Slow Zone installation. JH Public Art will facilitate the technical aspects of translating the artist’s concepts into a feasible and durable project. Future funding for this project will be wrapped into JH Community Pathways’ and Friends of Pathways’ annual budget allocations towards pathways maintenance and outreach.

Download full press release here: SLOW ZONES PRESS RELEASE



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