The Pavilion Project

We say farewell in June, 2020 to an installation that has been a smashing success. The Town Enclosure Pavilion that has graced the Center for the Arts Park since 2018, will be de-installed, having stood a full year beyond its original temporary display timeline.

The Town Enclosure is a remarkable sculpture whose design – by the team at CLB Architects – won national awards (Americans for the Arts, CODAWORX) and received national press (Artfix Daily, World Landscape Architect, Interior Design). The Jackson Hole News & Guide called it, “a pavilion of possibilities.” And so it has been.

As an art space, the Enclosure welcomed youth and professional dancers, hosted playwrights and rehearsals, and staged poets and spoken word performances. We practiced flower arranging, yoga, life-drawing, and stargazing within its embrace. 

The Enclosure transformed the park into a winter lightshow and a fanciful Cloud Factorybillowed from its architecture. The installation was open to everyone – to experience, explore, and enjoy for free, and on their own terms.

The Enclosure set a precedent for collaboration and activated the Center for the Arts park in ways that we never dreamed of, but that was the point – to demonstrate how public art is a catalyst that transforms our collective experience.

The Town Enclosure was generously supported by these visionaries:

Alice and Rodman Moorhead
Altamira Fine Art
Andrea and Hal Burroughs
Anvil Hotel
Astrid and James Flood
Carney Logan Burke Architects
Center of Wonder
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Dembergh Construction
First Western Trust
Jillian and Clay Moorhead
KL&A Inc.
KWC, llc
Nelson Engineering
Pat Wilson
Patricia and John Logan
Pike and Susan Sullivan Foundation
Premiere Powder Coating
Scott and Pamela Gibson
The Center for the Arts
The Opatrny Family Foundation
Two Ocean Builders
Valerie Brown and Don Baker
Veronique and Marshall Parke

The Town Enclosure materials will be recycled and repurposed upon removal. 


Jackson Hole Public Art and Center for the Arts selected Carney Logan Burke Architects to construct the 2018 Pavilion in The Center Park as part of The Center’s Creative in Residence program. Their concept titled, Town Enclosure, was selected from a pool of 10 submissions that included local architects, landscape architects, builders, and artists.

To identify the finalist, Jackson Hole Public Art conducted a blind submittal process. The identity of the artists was concealed from the selection panel until after the finalist had been identified. Only then were the applicants’ qualification packages revealed in order to ensure the team had the professional experience to carry out the project. The blind submittal process was used to ensure the concept was selected based purely on the merits of its design, verses panelists gravitating toward a known entity. The selection panel identified Town Enclosure as the concept that most clearly served the dual goals of being a sculpture and a gathering space.

“Town Enclosure will exist as a sculptural object on The Center Park lawn and a backdrop for the various activities this community park supports but it is much more than a sculpture… Created from a circular composition of timber panels, The Pavilion and the space it creates are both transparent and opaque according to one’s position and perspective. The enclosure is only fully experienced via movement around and within the object,” stated Carney Logan Burke.

Cities and towns across the country embrace informal gathering and performance areas that welcome creative community. From outdoor theaters, to bandstands and band shells, amphitheaters and stages, these spaces are free and open to the public − inviting serendipity and providing a platform for expression. The 2018 Pavilion will offer Center Residents, non-profits, and community groups an inspiring place to test free, accessible, gateway arts experiences with the public. A space that supports informal programming will help build future arts audiences and raise the visibility of the vibrant art making that takes place within The Center, benefitting The Center and its Residents.

“This privately funded opportunity was only open to local artists and architects in order to highlight the incredibly talented pool of creative professionals working in Jackson,” said Carrie Geraci, Jackson Hole Public Art Director. “I wish we could fund all of the concepts. Each would be a wonderful addition to public spaces throughout the valley.”

The Pavilion Project will serve as the 2018 Creative In Residence program, a new program through The Center Creative Initiatives program. Jackson Hole Public Art proposed a local design competition to erect a Pavilion for the summer of 2018 that will be both a sculpture and an accessible space where community artists and groups can practice, perform, and offer free and informal arts programs and experiences.

Pavilion Project Named Top 50 Public Art Projects of 2018

The Town Enclosure pavilion was among 50 outstanding public arts projects created in 2018 recently honored by the Americans for the Arts through the Public Art Network Year in Review program. Projects were chosen by two independent public art experts—artist Seitu Jones of Saint Paul, Minnesota, and Aaron Ott, Curator of Public Art at Albirght Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York. This year’s choices for the most exemplary, innovative permanent or temporary public art works created or debuted in 2018 can be found here at the American’s for the Arts website.

Designed by CLB Architects, the Enclosure is a structure envisioned for open spaces and the dramatic vistas of the West. The form is derived from notions of placemaking; elements from the mountain west – a fence, a corral — help to inspire its shape and material quality. The eco-minded design consists of tall panels of spruce, pine, and fir sourced from sustainably managed forests, which are deliberately arranged in a sort of circular theater. The structure has a limited material footprint, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. The foundation and attachment pieces are steel, and no concrete is used for the foundation. Panels are angled inward, evenly spaced four feet apart, and each with one side painted black.

JH Public Art proposed the pavilion concept as a temporary sculpture and a free venue for arts performance, practice, and display to Center for the Arts and was selected as The Center’s 2018 Creative in Residence curator. The Center’s Creative In Residence curatorship came with partial funding, space to display large-scale sculpture, and staff support for coordinating the use of the Enclosure.

To read the full release 2019_PAN YIR Award_Release

For information regarding acquisition of the Enclosure, click here: PAVILION PROMO



Jackson Hole Public Art is a non-profit supported in part with grants from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, the Sage Foundation, the Wyoming Arts Council, the Charles Engelhard Foundation and people like you! Thank you.