Wildlife Crossings

Building STEAM is a project we facilitate in the Fabrication Lab at JH High School where students use design and public art to address community issues. Last year, local student Zach Wientjis, in collaboration with Bland Hoke, came up with a reflective animal silhouette design based on the idea that the silhouette should light up at night to alert drivers.

JH Public Art, in collaboration with Bland Design is pleased to announce a new initiative to use public art to decrease wildlife and vehicle collisions in Teton County by increasing the number of reflective silhouettes sited in designated wildlife crossing corridors.

JH Public Art will coordinate with local NGO’s working in wildlife advocacy to increase awareness of this project and we will partner with private landowners who wish to host animal silhouettes. Bland Design will refine the production of each silhouette for the long-term goal of being able to efficiently produce a cost-effective silhouette that can be made available on a large-scale.

Download the detailed project description below.

Wildlife Initiative_JHPA + Bland Design

The following non-profit partners are helping us raise awareness and have identified key wildlife crossing locations:


Sponsor Spotlight:

Ryan and Carolyn Nourai – sponsored the first steel moose, contributing significantly to the value-engineering process.
Teton Village Road Coalition sponsored the Moose for Rendezvous Park


For more information contact:

Moose silhouette: $3,250
(includes installation, subject to change)


Jackson Hole Public Art is a non-profit supported in part with grants from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, the Sage Foundation, the Wyoming Arts Council, the Charles Engelhard Foundation and people like you! Thank you.