Wild Walls



Jackson Hole is nestled within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the last nearly intact major ecosystems in the world.  The extreme beauty of the ecosystem attracts world-class artists. The rich diversity of flora and fauna provide a basecamp for scientists who conduct ground-breaking research with far-reaching impacts.

WildWalls brings these two communities together in a highly visual, interactive, educational and inspiring event. WildWalls is an art show without the confines of a traditional venue, making it accessible to thousands of people daily.  By citing profound artworks in iconic public settings, we can reach large audiences and promote conservation messages through public art.

This year’s WildWalls will highlight current research from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem including but not limited to: raptors, migration, water quality, glaciers, wildfire, bats, pollinators and wildflowers. Each of these topics will have its own wheat paste mural with images supplied by local artists that highlight the research topic. Images are paired with short, educational, augmented reality features directed by the scientists and designed by AR developers.

The permanent mural is sponsored by the Nature Conservancy and JH Public Art and it will feature a scientific topic provided by the Nature Conservancy. In addition to responding to this topic, the muralist will be asked to include visual references to the other scientific briefs included in WildWalls so that each augmented reality feature can be repeated in the permanent mural. The lead muralist will also be asked to collaborate with participating artists on the final design and lead the painting crew which may include artists with various levels of mural painting experience.

There are 3 ways for artists to participate in WildWalls 2021:

  • Lead muralist for the permanent mural
  • Create an image for WildWalls that responds to one of the scientific briefs that will be reproduced as a wheat paste mural.
  • Artists selected to participate in WildWalls can also join the permanent mural design team and painting crew. ($25/hr up to 20 hours)


Lead muralist: $7,500

One experienced muralist will be selected based on the criteria listed herein to lead a mural project depicting scientific research provided by scientists working in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The budget includes creating a final concept in collaboration with participating WildWalls artists, refinement of the design, installation, and any incidental expenses. The wall will be washed and primed in preparation and scaffolding supplied and a materials stipend provided.

Wheat Paste Mural: $300

Artists will select one of the scientific briefs to respond to by creating an original painting, print, or photograph. You will own this image. By participating you agree to provide a high resolution file of this image and allow us to print, wheat paste, and display your image as part of WildWalls 2021.

 Mural Design Team and Crew:

Artists selected to participate in WildWalls can also join the permanent mural design team and painting crew. ($25/hr up to 20 hours). The lead muralist will prepare the final mural concept in collaboration with the participating artists.

Informational Meeting:  An informational zoom session for local artists will be held on Monday, April 5th at 5:00 pm.  Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 885 7908 2671
Passcode: 668913


Qualifications due by 5pm April 9, 2021

Muralist announced April 12 -30, 2021

All mural concepts developed and finalized in May

High resolution images for what paste murals due by May 24th, 5:00PM

Permanent mural painting late May – June 20, 2021



Wild Walls 2020 Murals are Installed and Alive!

Jackson Hole Public Art and local artists have been busy at work this spring, printing large-scale artworks and prepping sites for this year’s mural event — WILD WALLS — which opens this week and runs through early September. Nine temporary murals have been wheatpasted at locations around the Town of Jackson, each with a new twist — Augmented Reality (AR) features that transform the static image into a live story.

The temporary murals by local artists (listed below) are joined by a new, permanent mural by Laramie, WY artist Dan Toro sponsored by and located at Snake River Brewing. They all highlight the beauty and tell the story of the scenic and wild Snake River, Teton glaciers, and watersheds unique to the Jackson Hole area. By siting artworks in iconic public settings, Wild Walls aims to reach broad audiences with conservation messages through public art.

New this year, Wild Walls combines murals with AR features that promote a greater understanding and awareness about local water quality issues. Protect Our Water JH provided educational content and proactive solutions that demonstrate how individuals can help to preserve and protect local water quality. The message is clear : The Time is Now to Protect our Waters.

Viewers are prompted to download the HOVERLAY app onto their smartphone or device, find the @JHPublicArt channel, and look through the device to watch each mural come to life. Ouree Lee and Ryan Dee, with additional support from KGB Productions, developed the AR features and content in collaboration with Protect our Waters JH and the artists. A map of all mural sites can be found online and in a printed brochure that will be distributed throughout Town. The printed piece also includes tips for a self-guided mural “scavenger hunt” with clues that can be answered by watching each AR animation; answers can be found at www.jhpublicart.org/wildwalls

2020 Wild Walls Artists: Andy Bardon, Natalie Connell, Ryan Dee, Deb Fox, Tuck Fauntleroy, Greta Gretzinger, Thibaud Sanchez, Kay Stratman, Dan Toro, and Boughton Walden

Printed WILD WALLS Maps can be found throughout town or download the Map here: Wild Walls Map

Take yourself on a Wild Walls Scavenger Hunt! Can you find all 10 murals around town? When you spot an image, open the HOVERLAY app on your phone and watch + listen to the Augmented Reality story to answer the question on the Scavenger Hunt map.

Download the Scavenger Map here: Scavenger Map

Answers to the Scavenger Map questions:
1. 13  2. Aquifer  3. Chemical Pesticides  4. Snake River Headwaters  5. Groundwater  6. Algae  7. 11 8. Nitrogen & Phosphorous  9. E.Coli  10. 9

Wild Walls was featured in the Spring/Summer 2020 GREEN MATTERS publication — click here to read! 

Wild Walls is sponsored by:



Jackson Hole Public Art is a non-profit supported in part with grants from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, the Sage Foundation, the Wyoming Arts Council, the Charles Engelhard Foundation and people like you! Thank you.