Call to Artists!

There are no current call-for-artists. Check back soon for new opportunities! 


JH Public Art is seeking bold, ambitious, and unconventional ideas for the 2021 MoonShot 5×5 event, which will be held virtually on January 28, 2021. The deadline to submit a public art MoonShot 5×5 idea is 5pm on January 1st.

MoonShot concepts are catalysts that change the way people view a topic, or understand an issue through public art. Concepts should address any current issue facing our community, like social inequality, climate change, housing, or transportation but they should all inspire hope. Anyone with a bright idea is invited to present a MoonShot that illuminates current issues, sparks wonder and amazement, and inspires action. We are not looking for shovel-ready public art projects, but we are seeking bright ideas that push the boundaries of what is possible. JH Public Art will select the top 5-7 MoonShot ideas to be presented and will notify artists by mid-December.

Presenters will be asked to follow a quick-paced format: 5 slides and 5 minutes to present their unique public art pitch. They will also receive free presentation coaching from Nicole Garrett, a Certified Professional Coach, and owner of Present. Local MC Jeff Moran will host the event, streamed live at 7pm on Thursday, January 28th from the Center for the Arts stage. January 28th is a full moon (and National Kazoo Day). The live audience will also select this year’s Buzz Aldrin Award, which includes a $1000 cash prize, for the idea that is the “crowd pleaser” and that best fits the “ethos” of Jackson Hole.

The MoonShot 5×5 is a core JH Public Art program now in its 5th year; co-presented by the Center for the Arts and sponsored by Friends of JH Public Art, Toran Accounting, and Wyoming Arts Council. The community event serves as a launchpad to rocket ideas out into the universe, where we hope they will land in reality. What’s your bright idea?!

How to submit: Please submit one PDF document that includes the following:

• Cover page with your contact information including cell phone, email, concept title
• 5 low-resolution images that are exactly or similar to what you would present
• No more than 500 words that describe your concept
• Confirm you will be able to present in person on January 28th, the event will be virtual
• Labeled with your name (do not label it 5×5)

Review Process: JHPA staff will select the top 5-7 ideas based on the following criteria:

• The concept is a catalyst to change the way people view a topic like water quality, endangered species, or climate change.
• The fabrication of said concept would demonstrate sustainable practices and techniques.
• The concept is bold, ambitious, awe-inspiring, and unconventional that push the boundaries of what is possible.
• Submissions will be reviewed in early December and you will be contacted by mid-December if you have been selected to present.


  • Nov 7 – Dec 7: Call for Presenters
  • Concepts due 1/1/21 at 5pm
  • Finalists selected before holidays (by 12/24/20)
  • Presenters send final photo files by 1/15/21
  • Practice session at 5pm, TBD
  • 5×5 on January 28, presenters arrive at 5pm

Any questions, please contact Alex Pope at

Sage Living – Request for Original Artworks, Limited Edition Prints and Photographs


The artworks displayed in Sage Living will be thoughtfully selected to provide benefits to residents with a variety of cognitive abilities. The art will contribute to a stimulating and imaginative atmosphere that supports creative engagement between residents, staff, and visitors. Artwork will support wayfinding, contribute to the identity of each wing, and provide residents with a sense of belonging and familiarity.

St. John’s Health Foundation seeks original paintings and limited edition photographs, and prints for display in the residential and gathering spaces of Sage Living.

Artists are invited to submit up to 6 currently available works of art, ranging in size from small (8”x10”) to medium (18” x 24”), to large (4’x6’), with prices between $500 and $5,500. Please do not submit pieces that are not available. Please list prices with each artwork.

Artists living in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado are invited to apply.


Request for Submissions issued September 14, 2020

Submit to the Western States Arts Federation CAFÉ site by October 23th, 2020

Artwork Selection will take place in October and November of 2020. Delivery date to be determined.


Sage Living – Solicitud de obras de arte original, impresiones de edición limitada y fotografías
Resumen Las obras de arte que se mostrarán en Sage Living se seleccionarán cuidadosamente para dar beneficios a los residentes con una variedad de habilidades cognitivas. El arte contribuirá a una atmósfera estimulante e imaginativa que apoya el compromiso creativo entre los residentes, el personal y los visitantes. Las obras de arte apoyarán la orientación, contribuirán a la identidad de cada lado y brindarán a los residentes un sentido de pertenencia y familia.

St. John ‘s Health Foundation busca pinturas originales y fotografías de edición limitada para exhibir en los espacios residenciales y de reunión en Sage Living. Los artistas deben enviar hasta 6 obras de arte disponibles actualmente con el precio de venta de cada una. No envíe piezas que no estén disponibles. Los precios deben oscilar entre $500 y $5,500. Los artistas que viven en Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah y Colorado están invitados a postularse.


View Site Plan: Sage Living Floor Plan


  1. If I have a diptych or triptych should they be uploaded as one image or as individual images?
    1. Due to the pandemic, the committee will not be able to meet as a group making the selection process a bit different.  We will not be able to project the images large, so we request that you upload images separately but note on your price list that the work is part of a larger painting (diptych or triptych).
  2. If I submit a limited edition work, can I submit the work unframed and finish it to your criteria?
    1. Yes! We are happy to help guide on matting and framing, if your work has been selected.  On your price list, please note whether the work is framed or unframed and if the price reflects framing or not.  Additionally, please note that the work is an edition and the edition size.
  3. I don’t live in your area, but my work reflects nature.  Are you looking for landscape that is reflective of Jackson Hole, the Tetons, etc?
    1. Not necessarily! The residents are from all over the country, so the imagery does not need to solely focus on the Jackson Hole landscape / Tetons.
  4. Timeline – If chosen, when do you need the work?
    1. We are aiming for a June 1, 2021 opening so we will want to start receiving the work late spring and as close to that opening date as possible.  If selected, we will be updating artists with the ship timeline as we get into 2021.  The Foundation does not have storage at this time, so we are unable to take works early.  However, if the project gets off the timeline and is running late then we will rent a temperature controlled storage unit to hold pieces.
  5. My artwork ranges with multiple themes.  How should I submit to reflect my range?
    1. We suggest being a good editor of your work!  Submit an image or two from your various themes, keeping in mind the space and the audience.  The Rehabilitation Facility is looking for works that inspire getting healthy and “back at it” as well as general well being.  Works can be of activity!
  6. Do you want the works framed or unframed?
    1. Works may be presented both ways, we just ask that you note it on your price list.  We are looking to build a collection like you might in a home, so we understand that frames will vary.  That said, please frame with plexiglass and not real glass.   This is a medical facility and accidents happen, things fall off of walls, etc.  We are looking to mitigate any dangers that glass may present if broken.  Not all works presented need to be framed.  If your work is on a canvas or panel, and has finished edges then it may not require framing.
  7. Are these works commissioned or already produced?
    1. The first call was for site specific, commissioned works.  This call is for ready made artwork.  We are looking to purchase something that you have already made.  We understand that as artists you cannot hold your work or take pieces out of rotation to sell for too long, so we do promise to be swift in our selections and stick close to the selection timeline.  Once the call closes, we will move quickly through the jury process.


Carrie Geraci, Public Art Coordinator, 307-413-1474,

Alex Pope, Project Manager, 917-885-1006,



Jackson Hole Public Art is a non-profit supported in part with grants from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, the Sage Foundation, the Wyoming Arts Council, the Charles Engelhard Foundation and people like you! Thank you.